Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mild Eye Infection

It turns out...I have a mild eye infection!
I am sure I got his last year while staying at my mom's.  My parent's house went through some major remodeling and I think some particles got in my eye and gave it an infection.  By the time I got a doctor's appointment my eye looked normal so she said I was fine.  I started to only wear my glasses and it was fine.
It wasn't until I started wearing my contacts that it started flaring up again.
I would wear my contacts for a day and then BOOM!
Eye is red AND it hurt...so I would stop for a week,
then again...tried a new pair and BOM again!
Finally, I went to the eye doctor again, she said it looked ok, but then she flipped my eyelids (weird!) and she said that I had a mild eye infection.

I am now putting in drops and it should be gone by Friday.

I hope.  I hate eye infections...even if they are mild.

Moral of the story:  Fight for your eyeball rights!
I wish I would have and this all would have been left in '09!

(that pic is my poor eyeball)


  1. Actually the picture is really nice. Maybe if you would've done it in color I could see the mild infection better lol Like this, I think your eyeball is fine and this is just a pretty B&W picture! Not to minimize your suffering lol

    Have a good lent!

  2. now that it's a two weeks, I was following up on your eye infection. Are you able to wear your contacts? Our eyes are very important it's the second time in a few weeks that I have hear of people having trouble with their eye. Please take very good care.

  3. My eye is all good! I have worn my contacts once and everything looked ok. I am still going to wear my glasses for work, but def contact for partying!!!